Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife at Maramec Spring is plentiful! The 1,860 acre wildlife refuge is home to many species of animals including wood peckers, whitetail deer, bald eagle, wild turkey, owls, turtles, raccoons, red fox, great blue heron, and much more. Deer are easily spotted during the early morning hours when the fog is still rolling off the spring. Bald eagles soar through the skies during winter months at the park. However, if you come across wildlife in the park, please leave them be.

Maramec Spring Park will soon become a haven for monarch butterflies, bees, and other pollinators in decline, as nearly 150 acres of parkland are transformed into a massive pollinator habitat, thanks, in part, to a $20,000 grant. The Park is also on the edge of the monarch spring breeding territory essential to their northward migration. As a result, the Park could play double duty in supporting the life cycle of North America’s migratory monarch butterflies, while also providing healthy habitat for dozens of other pollinator species, including the endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee.