Discover our history

While you’re at Maramec Springs, visit our two museums that feature the regions nature and rich history. Do you wonder what the ruins used to look like during production? Visit the Maramec Museum of Natural and Cultural History. You can also view grandmas kitchen from 18?? at the Ozark Agriculture Museum. Pssst: You can also stop and get a cold treat at the snack shop there too!

Continue below to learn more about the museums features, cost and hours.


Maramec Museum

The Maramec Museum features interactive displays that teach us about the natural and historical importance of this region. You can view Missouri wildlife, artifacts found from the Ironworks, the science behind springs, models of the Ironworks in the 1800’s, and more! We also host interpretive programs taught by the Park’s Naturalist. School field trips welcome!

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Ozark agriculture Museum

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