Operated by the James Foundation
St. James, MO
58 Campsites. Camping season:
(Feb. 28 - Oct. 30)
Maramec Spring Park is one of the most beautiful spots to be found in Missouri. The Park contains the fifth largest spring in the state. An average of 100 million gallons of water gushes from the Spring daily. Maramec Spring Park contains 1,860 acres of forest and fields. The 200 acre public use area of the Park contains many amenities for visitors such as a cafe, store, camping, wildlife viewing, fish feeding, picnicking, shelters, playgrounds, fishing, etc. The Meramec River, a clear calm Ozark stream, flows through the park providing excellent fishing. Maramec Spring Park is privately owned and operated by The James Foundation. The James Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Missouri.
Trout Fishing
Trout Season Opens March 1st
For more information call 573-265-7124
A list of events happening in the Park for 2013
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