COVID-19 Update

Attention Maramec Spring Park Anglers and Visitors,

We will be closing the gates on Sunday March 22, 2020. To help slow the spread of the Covid-19
pandemic and encourage people to stay home. All activities at Maramec Spring Park including fishing
will be suspended until further notice. We know that being outdoors and away from people are
encouraged, but a trout park brings in hundreds if not thousands of visitors from all over Missouri and
other states. This has been a very difficult decision and one we did not take lightly. A lot of time has
been spent this week researching the virus, how it is transmitted, and talking with local officials about
safeguards. This puts you, your family, our staff and their families at risk. We know you are very
passionate about the park and the trout fishing it offers but please take this time to stay home with your
families and come visit us when the threat is over.
We hope to see all of you enjoying the park again in the future. We can help assure this is a possibility
by closing the park and urging you to stay home.

James Foundation